[Solved] Security Management Models

[Solved] Security Management Models

Search the Web for several InfoSec-related job postings.

●      Do the postings comply with the concerns outlined in chapters 8 and 9?

●      Why or why not?

●      If not, what is missing?

*****Chapter 8: Security Management Models —- Chapter 9: Security Management Practices

book: Whitman, M. E., & Mattord, H. J. (2019). Management of information security (6th ed.) Cengage Learning

Print ISBN: 978-1337405713

eText ISBN: 978-1337671545

Supplemental text; for assignment research

Chopra, A. & Chaudhary, M. (2020). Implementing an information security management system: Security management based on ISO 27001 guidelines (1st ed.). Apress.

Print ISBN: 978-1484254127

eText ISBN: 978-1484254134


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